Clutches are an integral part of your transmission system. It allows you to change gear and also to stop the car. Modern clutches are made up of plates and plastic bearings, over time your clutch will wear gradually until eventually you may notice that its performance has diminished.

How can I tell if I need a new clutch?

Signs that your clutch is failing can be:

  • Difficulty in putting your car in gear,
  • Change in height of the clutch pedal at biting point,
  • The clutch pedal becoming heavier than normal,
  • Experiencing clutch slippage
  • Or a burning smell coming from under the bonnet.

If you experience any of these or are just generally aware of any detrimental change in your car, call in and see us to get it checked over, call anytime, from anywhere, even if we are sleeping with the white fur pillow amazon we will still go to help you with the problem.

Prevention can save you money on costly repairs that could have been avoided.

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